The New Brik Urban Edition

The new Brik Urban Edition is the perfect bicycle for today’s women who want to travel swiftly and comfortably through the city. Whether you to go to work, an evening out or bring your children to school. The Brik Urban Edition is a sturdy bike with a luggage rack that you can take everything with […]

Our new limited edition: the Brik Classic Edition

The Brik Classic Edition is a sturdy bicycle for men who want to drive a classical and reliable bike. The special green paint and built-in dynamo lights give it a retro look that will definitely make you stand out. The Classic Edition is available in two lines. The standard line is equipped with a luggage […]

“Bicycles can be made in a more sustainable way”

Roel Peerenboom has his own bicycle shop in the heart of Wageningen. A few years ago, he decided to no longer work within a franchise, but to follow his own vision. For him, sustainability and durability are key.   Why did you open a bicycle shop? “The shop itself? I guess you have to go […]

Bring back some colour

Spring is here again! The weather and nature is calling for you to come out. Despite the global lockdown it’s still possible in most countries to go out for some fresh air. And what better way to do that than on a bicycle? A bicycle in your favourite colour that makes you happy as Spring. […]