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Brikbikes x Voys

Voys approached Brikbikes five years ago with the desire to provide a unique low-maintenance bike in Voys style for its employees. Voys provides telephony in the cloud and its credo is: the best technology + outstanding service = happy customers.


Brikbikes translated this wish into a Brik Brut in women’s and men’s Voys versions. The both bicycle models got a frame in a white mat colour with the Voys decal integrated. The fenders are powdercoated in RAL 5002 Ultramarine blue. Together with our partner Pims Fietsen, the delivery of the Brikbikes is organized. All the Voys Brikbikes are also maintained by Pims Fietsen and with this service Voys and its employees are relieved.

Since the start of the cooperation, dozens of Brik Voys bikes have been delivered and are used intensively on a daily basis.

Besides the Voys case, Brikbikes has many company bikes solutions available. If you are interested in a unique company bike with its own identity and accompanying service like Voys, we would be happy to present our possibilities.