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Beautiful orange is not ugly

Orange is the colour of the Netherlands. Orange is also a colour that immediately attracts attention. Your own Brikbike in orange is a bike, which radiates warmth and energy and is certainly quirky and original.

Choose your own colour

At Brikbikes, you can choose your own colour for both the bike frame and for almost all components. The combination of the chosen colours and accessories offers many variations. It is even possible to select a Shaftdrive in orange.

All Brikbikes bikes are custom built in the Netherlands according to your specifications. You choose the model, colour and design and the bike is then built and delivered according to your specifications. The Brikbikes configurator helps you to configure your own personal bike.

These Brik Brut models are finished in cardan orange (RAL 2008) and this colour is a standard colour, which you can select as part of the chosen Brikbikes model.

You can order your own configuration directly or get further advice in the shop of one of our dealers. Naturally, our bikes can also be viewed and tested there.

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