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Bicycle without a chain

You’ll never have to fiddle with the chain again. Why? Because it doesn’t have one! This bicycle has a high quality shaft drive. This is a closed system and therefore low on maintenance. The chain will never fall off and you’ll never get grease on your clothes again.

Handmade components

A combination of handmade components was selected for the Brik Cruiser. The model is equipped with a handmade Lepper Tourer saddle with matching grips, a Crane Neo Black bell, Rindow Bullet lights and Odin walnut wooden fenders.

Exclusive walnut wood

The walnut fenders of the Brik Cruiser were made in Belgium by Odin Wood Design specifically for this model. The walnut wood has a sustainable origin and the use of waterproof glue and three layers of varnish make the fenders weatherproof and durable.

Premium bell

To let everybody on the road know you’re there, the Cruiser has a Crane mini suzu bell. These bells are built to last a lifetime.

Unique lightning

To let everThe Brik Cruiser comes standard with the unique Rindow Bulllet lights. These stylish and great quality lights have a sleek design and are CNC-machined in aluminium. The lights are rechargeable using a USB cable. Good for the environment and very durable.



46 cm

Suspension fork

Odin Wooden Fenders

Shaft drive in black

Shimano Nexus 3s Rollerbrake

Front and rear rollerbrakes

Cruiser handlebar


Saddle & grips
Lepper Tourer natural

CST Metropolitan Palmbay Tires

Rindow Bullet lights

Crane Mini Suzu Neo Black

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