Shaft drive

The Brik Brut models use a shaft drive. Brikbikes is a firm believer in this system, because the advantages over the bicycle chain are great. Namely, the shaft drive is reliable, strong and is low on maintenance.

The Brut frames have been specifically designed to accommodate shaft drive systems, offering compatibility with various gear hubs.

Belt drive

The Brik Belt is specially designed for the Gates Carbon Drive belt drive. The drive has less weight and is very reliable and durable. This maintenance-friendly drive does not need to be lubricated and always runs smoothly. The Brik Belt is the ideal city bike for commuters as well as pleasure seekers.

Built to order

Each Brikbike is uniquely crafted for you. Customize your bike, and our dedicated team in Elst, The Netherlands, ensures top-notch quality and durability throughout the entire process, from order to delivery.

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