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A shaft drive has several advantages over a chain drive:

  • Maintenance: Very low maintenance due to internal lubrication and the semi-closed system.
  • Safety: A very safe system due to no kick-through gears and no external moving parts.
  • Hygiene: No oil, grease or dirt on your trousers while cycling and your chain cannot come off either.
  • Energy transfer: 3 to 4% you don’t notice this while cycling, a normal bike has about 2% loss but this is with the perfect adjustment and when the chain is freshly lubricated.
  • Practical: Changing a rear tyre is very practical by loosening a few screws and bolts and dismounting the wheel.
  • Noiseless: A properly adjusted Shaft drive shaft is low-noise

Furthermore, the wheel is still removable and you can also choose different gear hubs for the shaft drive.