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Brikbikes nominated for Best Urban Bike.

Brikbikes is nominated for the CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE Awards with 3 models in the category Best Urban Bike.
The CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE Awards have gained increasing significance in recent years. The award is given to the best, most beautiful, and most innovative bikes & products of 2024.
The winner comes from a combination of audience and expert jury awards voting.
In the category Best Urban Bike Brikbikes is nominated with 3 models.

Brik Brut Men

With its low maintenance drive shaft and thick aluminium frame, the Brut Brut is both sporty and sturdy and this makes it the ideal Urban Bike.

Brik Brut Women

With the possibility to choose your own colour, the low maintenance drive shaft and the optional carriers front, rear and for the child, makes it the ideal urban Bike.

Brik Belt

The Brik Belt is a classic steel and handbuild bike. With its low maintenance belt, this bike is suitable for both short journeys in the city and long bike routes.


As public audience you can also give your personal vote. All votes are collected until February 29th. Go to and share your personal choice:

Cyclingworld Europe

During the coming the Cyclingworld Europe from March the 15th to the 17th the winners are presented.

The Cyclingworld Europe is Europes premium show for finest bike & ebike culture and is held at Areal Böhler, Hansaallee 321 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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