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Touring Utrecht on a Brik with Marike of SmaakMakers Tours

Marike is the owner of SmaakMakers Tours. During this tour, she will take you by bike through Utrecht visiting fine restaurants. She does this on her personalized Brik Sec.

What exactly is a Smaakmakers Tour?

With SmaakMakers Tour you will discover culinary Utrecht by bike. In an afternoon, you’ll visit four restaurants scattered throughout the city; a culinary bike tour. There’s often so much to discover in the various districts of a city: perfect for a cycling tour!

Personally, I always like it when you get a personal explanation about the dish and the corresponding drink at a restaurant, but it’s all the more fun when you’re told about the concept and the idea behind the restaurant. That has become an important part of the tour. Because of this, it’s not only tasting and through again, but you also get to hear the stories of the different ’taste creators’ (i.e. smaakmakers).

In the summer of 2017, I started with SmaakMakers Tours in the form of a group tour accompanied by a host. Nowadays, you can also cycle on your own. And it works really well! When you go out on your own, you’ll receive the routes and all further information on your mobile phone. I have made videos of the stories of the entrepreneurs so that this important aspect is not lost. I also give a personal introduction at the starting point. This personal touch is very important to me.

Where did you first see a Brik?

I first saw a Brik at FREEM Bikes and Coffee in Utrecht. I was there to brush up on my rusty tyre fixing skill. Right away I thought: what a beautiful bike! Because I first wanted to see how my company would take off, I rode around on my old bike. After more than a year, it was time to exchange my old rust bucket for a beautiful Brik to tour with. And for this Utrecht fan, it was extra special as Brikbikes originated in ‘our little city.’

How do you like Brik?

I fell for a Brik Sec Ladies Comfort. I mainly cycle in the city and it’s important to me that nothing goes wrong. What’s not there, won’t break. So I prefer a backpedal brake and a shift drive. And a nice extra advantage: never dirty hands again when your chain falls off. And 3 gears is more than enough for me.

The bike has become a real luxury, but tell me I’m wrong: there is also so much to personalize. For example, the bike is in the SmaakMakers Tour’s colour and I’ve adjusted the mudguards and cream tyres accordingly. As far as I’m concerned, a basket wasn’t to be missed: super handy and ideal to store my backpack with stuff for the tour.

Do you have tips for cycling in a busy city?

Yes, certainly! As I mentioned before: buy a bike that doesn’t break a lot. Because bicycles have to endure a lot in the city, especially when you’re out and about a lot. Also, I now have a handy holder that attaches my mobile to the handlebars. That’s really a real advantage when you’re navigating through the city.

What’s your tip for people considering buying a Brikbike?

Enjoy playing with the options to personalize! How great to cycle around on a bike specially tailored to your needs. Oh, and of course a test ride. Looks are important, but the most important thing is that a bicycle is nice to bike with.