Fashion and bicycles collide: stylish Brikbike for the modern Dutch woman

A stylish and practical bicycle for the modern Dutch woman. That is what fashion house Anna van Toor and bicycle company Brikbikes had in mind when they joined forces.

Brikbikes is known for its high quality, innovative urban bicycles and Anna van Toor is a fashion brand for the modern woman in the Netherlands. These typical Dutch companies now proudly present a special edition: the Brikbike by Anna.

And these bicycles cannot only be purchased online and at specialised Brikbike dealers, but also at Anna van Toor shops. You can find the perfect outfit and at the same time bike away in style.

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Mix of modern and classic

Totally in keeping with Anna’s style, we have used natural materials and colours. There is a natural leather saddle, brass bell and nameplates, cream coloured tires, cork handles and aluminium lights and mudguards.

Smooth drive system

You’ll never have to fiddle with the chain again. Why? Because it doesn’t have one! This bicycle has a drive shaft. This is a closed system and therefore maintenance free. No chance of derailing your chain and you’ll never get grease on your clothes again.

Stylish basket

A stylish basket that is completely incorporated into the design of the bike. Ideal for any situation, whether you’re bringing along your briefcase, shoulder bag or shopping bag.

No longer in the dark

The bicycle’s lights work from the hub dynamo. As a result, you’ll always have light without the need for batteries. Good for the environment and great that you’ll never be left in the dark.