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Bring back some colour

Spring is here again! The weather and nature is calling for you to come out. Despite the global lockdown it’s still possible in most countries to go out for some fresh air. And what better way to do that than on a bicycle? A bicycle in your favourite colour that makes you happy as Spring.

Unique for Brikbikes is that you can order a bike any colour you want. We offer fifteen standard colours, of which the three recently-added metallic colours champagne white, highland green and marrone.

Are these not cheerful enough? No problem. For an extra charge of € 100 you can choose any other RAL colour*.

* RAL is a European coding system to define colours of paints and other coatings. The colour palette can be found on www.ralcolorchart.com.

What will it be? Daffodil yellow (RAL 1007), heather violet (RAL 4003), strawberry red (RAL 3018) or simply sky blue (RAL 5015)?