Brik Brut

Brik Brut is a rugged and athletic bike. With its maintenance-free drive shaft and thick aluminium frame, the Brut Brut is both sporty and striking.

Brik Brut Men
Brik Brut Women

Brik Sec

Brik Sec is a chic and comfortable city bike. With its maintenance-free drive shaft and strong frame, the Brik Sec is a bike for life.

Brik Sec Men
Brik Sec Women

Brik Belt

Brik Belt is a classic and powerful bike. With its maintenance-free belt, this bike is suitable for both short journeys in the city and long bike routes.

Brik Belt Men
Brik Belt Women

Limited Editions

We also offer one or more Limited Edition bicycles. These are special models with custom specifications and colour. The current limited editions are:

Brik Bullet
Brik by Anna

Company bikes

We also offer Brikbikes as Company bikes. These bikes have been specially composed in consultation with the client and are thus used as company bicycles for employees or clients.