Several models of Brikbikes are equipped with a shaft drive. We prefer this drive because it’s low maintenance and very durable.

Advantages of a shaft drive

A shaft drive has several advantages over a chain drive:

  • A shaft drive requires less maintenance because you don’t have to lubricate of tighten the shaft drive.
  • The shaft drive hardly wears out or not at all and is therefore suitable for intensive use.
  • No hassle with dirty chains and you don’t need a chain cover.

Furthermore, the wheel is still removable and you can also choose different gear hubs for the shaft drive.

The shaft drive is a bit heavier than a chain drive. This makes the whole bike a bit heavier. You can test this during a test drive.

How does the shaft drive work?

A shaft drive consists of a bottom bracket, a drive shaft and four sprockets. When you pedal, the bottom bracket starts to rotate. The first sprocket is fixed on the bottom bracket. The first sprocket drives a sprocket that is fixed on the drive shaft. The drive shaft transfers the rotating motion to the rear, where the third sprocket spins the wheel.

Test drive

Curious how the shaft drive feels? Feel it yourself during a test drive!