Built to order

Every Brikbike is unique. Made especially for you. Configure your own bike and we will make it exactly the way you want it to be. All Brikbikes are custom built at our own factory in Elst, The Netherlands. Our small and dedicated team is responsible for the complete process from order to delivery. With this approach high quality standards and durability is guaranteed.

Configure your Brikbike

Configure your own bike! You can choose from a variety of colors, gears, brakes and other accessories to really make this bike your own. Are you satisfied with the model on this page? Then there are two more steps left:

  1. Model: Choose one of the models
  2. Colour: Choose a colour for your Brik
  3. Upgrade: Replace parts or add accessories

Step 1: Choose a model

Step 2: Choose a colour

You can choose from 16 standard colours and even a custom colour is possible. The frame and all components are prepared and then powder-coated with multi layers of high-quality coating. With this approach every Brikbike is unique.

Is your desired colour not listed? No problem. For an extra charge of € 150, you can choose any other RAL colour*.

* RAL is a European coding system to define colours of paints and other coatings. The colour palette can be found on www.ralkleur.nl.

Step 3: Replace components or add accessories

You could already order your bike now, but you can also make it even more specific to your wishes. You can replace one or more components, like the saddle of tires. Or you can expand your bike with accessories such as a child seat or an extra lock.

Need some help?

Are you having a bit of difficulty customizing your Brikbike? No worries. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you. We want everyone to have their perfect bike.