Vredestein tires

New tires for even more comfort and grip

Brikbikes wants to collaborate with as many Dutch suppliers as possible. That is why the new Brikbikes collection is equipped with Vredestein tires.

Vredestein’s black Dynamic Tour are our standard tires. These tires are ideal for city bikes due to features such as low rolling resistance, high comfort and good grip. These tires are also very durable.

Vredestein Retro Creme tires on the Brikbike by Anna

Tires upgrade

As you are probably aware, Brikbikes offers many customization options. This is also true for the Vredestein tires.

Retro Crème

For the Sec, the upgrade is Retro Cream tires, giving the bike a more classical look.

Classic Tour

In addition, the Brut en Belt can be fitted with Classic Tour tires. These black tires can be delivered with a coloured rim.

This rim comes in black, cream, brown and gray. The premium model is already fitted with Classic Tour tires.

Vredestein Classic Tour colour options