The craft of building a wheel

At our factory Nijland Cycling we experience the craftsmanship of building the most beautiful bicycles everyday. Our wheel builder starts will a lot of loose parts, which surely and steadily become a perfectly aligned Brikbike wheel.

In short

A wheel consists of a rim and an axle that are held together by a large number of spokes. The spokes are placed in such a way that they form a motif. This will help the wheel deal with all the pressure it is going to have to endure. All sides of the wheel will absorb equal pressure.

Just beneath the rim, the spokes are loosened or tightened in order to align the wheel perfectly.

A rim tape is then placed around the rim to protect the inner tube and ensure that the nipples of the spokes do not puncture the inner tube.

The only parts of the bicycle to touch the ground are the outer tires. They are therefore important for your safety as well as comfort while cycling. For this reason, we use Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tires on all our Brikbikes.