How does the bicycle get to my doorstep?

As soon as you place your order, we get to work. We’ll pack the Brikbike in a big carton box. After this our transportation partner will make sure the box makes it’s way to your place as soon and safe as possible.

Most of the times they will contact you to make a delivery appointment.

After delivery you have a Brik in a box. To prepare the bike you have to do a few simple steps:

Mounting the pedals
The left and right pedal are different from eachother. You can find a ‘L’ or a ‘R’ on them. The ‘L’-pedal is for the left side of the bicycle, the ‘R’-pedal is to be mounted on the richt side of the bicycle.

Tire pressure
It is possible that due to the airplane cabin pressure differences your tires can be soft. On the side of the tire you can see how high/low the airpressure in the tires must be.

Front wheel
if the front wheel is placed next to the bicycle you can place the wheel by loosen the bolt, place the wheel and screw the bolts. In case of a rollerbrake version, you have to connect the cable to the wheel. This is also done when you have a hubdynamo.

Putting the steer in right position
Because we want the box as small as possible we need to turn the steer. To place the steer in the right position, you have to flip off the rubber cap on the top of the stem. Behind that cap you will find a allen. With a allen-key you can loosen the steer a bit, turn the steer in the right position and screw the allen tight again. Replace the rubber cap and off you go!