To make a Brik Bike truly your own, you can replace some of the components for those that better meet your needs and taste.


All our bicycles are fitted with Shimano Nexus gears.


Briks with Shimano’s 3-speed hub are the minimalist version of multi-geared bikes and perfect for flatter terrains like the Netherlands and some city centres.


Shimano’s super-reliable Nexus 7 hub offers all the low-maintenance reliability of the traditional 3-speed, but with a much wider range and smaller steps between the 7 gears.

8-speed (premium)

Shimano’s Nexus Inter-8 hub has all the same benefits but with an extra gear for an even wider range, so better for hillier terrain, although some of the gear steps are a little wider as a result.


Coaster brake

A coaster brake is a special rear hub for a bicycle, which performs two functions:

  • It allows the bicycle to roll without forcing the pedals to turn. This is the “coaster” part.
  • It works as a brake when you pedal backwards.


Rollerbrakes are the Shimano-branded name for drum brakes on bicycles. Drum brakes are hand-operated and the rollerbrake is made to be lighter than traditional drum brakes. 

Grips and saddles




Add accessories

You can also add accessoires like a rear and front carrier or a child seat to give your bike the final touch.