Brik Sec is comfortable, chique and chainless

Classic – Chique – Sturdy – Chainless

This bicycle’s sleek and classic cross frame is extremely strong. Its curved handle bars and straight seat will assure you attain a comfortable posture while cycling.

What’s more, its loe maintenance drive shaft and the steel frame will guarantee that it lasts a lifetime. The Brik Sec is constructed in the Netherlands with dedicated craftsmanship and top-notch components.

Low maintenance

You’ll never have to fiddle with the chain again. Why? Because it doesn’t have one! This bicycle is chainless, because it has a high quality shaft drive. This is a closed system and therefore low maintenance. The chain will never fall off and you’ll never get grease on your clothes again.

Personalize your Brik

Design your own bike! You can choose from a variety of colors, gears, brakes and other accessories to really make this bike your own. Are you satisfied with the model on this page? Then there are two more steps left:

  1. Model: Choose one of the three models
  2. Colour: Choose a colour for your Brik
  3. Upgrade: Replace parts or add accessories


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