Brik Brut – Cruise through the city on this edgy bicycle

The Brik Brut is a powerful, chainless bicycle designed for confident city cyclists. Its frame is made of thick aluminium tubes giving it its tough and edgy look.

Made with top-notch Dutch craftsmanship and components, this bike can tackle anything the city brings your way. With its tough frame and low maintenance shaft drive, it makes a real statement on the road and will last a lifetime.

Personalize your Brik

You can choose from a variety of colors, gears, brakes and other accessories to really make this bike your own. Are you satisfied with the model on this page? Then there are two more steps left:

  1. Colour: Choose a colour for your Brik
  2. Upgrade: Replace parts or add accessories

Brik Brut Standard

The Standard line of the Brik Brut is equipped with 3 gears and a easy to use coasterbrake. With the comfortable Selle Royal Herz saddle and Axa Defender lock, this bike is ready for every kind op purpose.

€ 899,-

Brik Brut Comfort

The Comfort line of the Brik Brut had a variety of additions. It is equipped with rollerbrakes, 7-speed gears and the comfortable Selle Royal Herz saddle. Convenient to use for short and longer distances.

€ 1.049,-

Brik Brut Premium

The Premium line of the Brik Brut is equipped with al kinds of luxury like Brooks saddle and grips. The 8-speed hub with rollerbrakes and a hubdynamo will give you all pleasance of riding comfortable, safe and in style.

€ 1.449,-

Brik Brut StandardBrik Brut ComfortBrik Brut Premium
€ 899,-€ 1.049,-€ 1.449,-
Frame59 cmvv
TiresVredestein Dynamic TourvVredestein Classic Tour (black)
MudguardsSteel in frame colourvCurana Ilu (Aluminum)
SaddleSelle Royal RiovBrooks B17 Honing
GripsCork composite (black)vBrooks Slender Handvatten Honing
LightingOptionalOptionalBusch & Müller + naafdynamo
LockAxa Defender (ART2)Axa Defender (ART2)Axa Defender (ART2)
GearsShimano Nexus 3 Shimano Nexus 7 Shimano Nexus 8 Premium


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