The frames

The frame of a Brik bike is the component that keeps everything together, but it is more than that. It is an important part of the look and feel. And thereby, a bicycle frame needs to have various characteristics to do its job. It needs to be stiff, it needs to be weatherproof, it needs to have the right geometry. We want to have it light.

The frame of our Brik Brut is made of aluminum. A stiff material that has all the characteristics a Brut needs.

Instantly you see the look of the frame used for our Brik Sec. It has thinner tubes compared to the Brik Brut. And more important, it has a good looking cross in it. This makes the Brik Sec a real eye-catcher.

For the Brik Belt we wanted to have a slim and therefore ‘lite-looking’ frame. So we chose for aluminum. Special on this frame is the logo tag we welded in it.