Brik Bricks

Brik bikes have been assembled with care. Every element has been thought and out and we pride ourselves in the quality with which we construct our product. “Brick-by-brick” we have built the ideal bicycle: Brik bike.

Unique drives

Chains are the single most annoying thing about bicycles. That is why we design bicycles without one. That means an end to dirty trousers and fiddling with the chain.

Shaft drive

Many of our bicycles have a unique shaft drive which is both low-maintenance and very durable.

Belt drive

Our belt drive is a good replacement for the chain because it requires less maintenance and pedals more smoothly.

Assembly videos

When your Brikbike arrives at your doorstep outside of Holland it is packed in a carton box. For a economic transport we need to use a box so transporters can process the bicycle. Therefor you have to do some things yourself to get your bicycle ready for the first ride.

Check our videos below to see how to assemble al parts. If you have any questions, please let us know so we can help you out. Have a good ride!

Our factory

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Our dealers

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Our frames

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