Brikbikes are ingeniously designed bicycles because they do not have a chain. Instead our bicycles have a shift drive or a belt drive.

Advantages of both drives:

  • Low maintenance
  • More durable because there is no chain that can break
  • No external moving parts
  • Easy to change rear wheel
  • Silent

Shaft drive

The shaft dive system is more than a century old, but is also ahead of its time. Because a shaft drive is very strong, you will receive a two-year warranty on the drive shaft. A simple but ingenious principle.

How it works

Next to the treadle on the right, are two perpendicular placed gears so the gear is an axle. On the end of that axle, near the rear-wheel is another set of perpendicular gears that will bring power to the hub. The hub empowers the wheel to turn.

How to maintain it

This is a closed system filled with special oil to lubricate its inner parts. Because you need to be able to take the rear wheel out, the back part of the prop shaft is partially open. So sometimes it will be necessary to clean the gears and lubricate this part. That’s all!

Belt drive

We also have a model with belt drive. In recent years, the belt drive has become a very reliable and clean alternative to the well-known chain. The belt drive is similar to the shaft drive in that it is extremely strong, maintenance-free and silent.


The standard colours for most of our bicycles are:

Every other RAL colour is available for a surcharge of just €100,00. For an overview of RAL colours visit the rgb.to website.

Wheels & Tires

Brikbikes wheels are handmade. Our wheel builder starts will a lot of loose parts, which surely and steadily become a perfectly aligned wheel.

The process

A wheel consists of a rim and an axle that are held together by a large number of spokes. The spokes are placed in such a way that they form a motif. This guarantees the wheel can deal with all the pressure it is going to endure. All sides of the wheel will absorb equal pressure.

Just beneath the rim, the spokes are loosened or tightened in order to align the wheel perfectly. A rim tape is then placed around the rim to protect the inner tube and ensure that the nipples of the spokes do not puncture the inner tube.


The only parts of the bicycle to touch the ground are the outer tires. They are therefore important for your safety as well as comfort while cycling. For this reason, we use Vredestein tires on all our Brikbikes.


An AXA Solid Lock is standard on every Brikbikes bicycle. It is a lock of very high quality, and is, of course, ART2 approved. To make your bicycle extra theft-proof you could also add the following lock accessories:

  • The Axa RL Defender
  • Mortise lock


Because we believe the lighting is a matter of personal taste you a choose your own lighting and we will add it to your bicycle.


Our bicycles have one of two types of brakes; a coaster brake or a roller brake.

A coaster brake is a brake you can activate by pedaling backwards. The advantage is that there are no cables running across your bicycle. The bicycle also continues to roll forward without making the pedals turn too (hence the word ‘coaster’).

A roller brake is a hand-activated brake. This type of hand-activated brake is attached in a closed system and is therefore stronger and better weatherproof than other types.

Both brakes are of high quality and low-maintenance.

Extra options

You can also add or alter the following to your Brikbikes bicycle:

  • Child seat
  • Front carriers
  • Handlebars
  • Kickstand
  • Adjustable and extension stem
  • Saddles