Dutch design, built in Holland, customized for you

Brikbikes are all built to order. At the moment you buy your costum BRIKbike online, we will start the production process. The big advantage of this type of manufacturing for the client is that we can easily respond of the wishes and specifications wanted by the client. We are able to build your BRIKbike in several days whereafter we ship your BRIK.

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Pure Dutch

A BRIK is a pure dutch item. It is designed in Utrecht and built in Heeten, a town in the region of Overijsel. Even the design is 100% dutch and fully tuned to the user who wants a comfortable ride powered by a great look, virtue and legs.


In Heeten, at the factory of Nijland Cycling the different parts are delivered. The aluminum frame, the base of every BRIK, is powder coated by hand in one of the eight standard colors or in your special color. The wheels are spoked by hand and tuned by advanced machine robots so every spoke is on the right tension for good and comfortable wheels. And then… the other parts of the BRIK are assembled by hand.

Assembly of a BRIK

The assembly is done by experienced mechanics. The know the BRIK ‘from top to toe’ and make every BRIK work. The assembling is done in a production line where 10 bicycles can be built at the same time. The frames are being assembled with the right options and varieties, from saddle to handlebars and from color to standard.

Costumized BRIK

Every BRIK is customized by the costumer during the webshop visit. So the chance you ride a BRIK precisely the same as your neighbor is nearly negligible. Type of Brik, Gentlemen or Ladies, color and add-ons make you ride a personalized bicycle.

Final checks

After the assembly a mechanic makes a testride to see and to be sure the bike is well assembled. This mechanic delivers the BRIK to the manager of quality to make the decision if the BRIK is a true BRIK. And then…. shipping time!