Dick van de Steeg new Sales & Marketing Manager Pedalfactory

Pedalfactory B.V., the owner of the bicycle brands Brikbikes and Sandwichbikes, has appointed Dick van de Steeg as the new Sales & Marketing Manager. Dick started 8 October this year and is responsible for all Sales and Marketing activities of Brikbikes and Sandwichbikes.

Dick van de Steeg (49) has more than 25 years of experience in the bicycle industry and has worked for brands such as Sparta, Lepper, and EQ-Bikes. Dick knows the dealer network like no other and knows what is needed to attract consumers and dealer channels. In his position, Dick will be involved in Sales and Marketing activities of the Brikbikes brand and will be looking for the right sales and showcasing for the ‘Dutch Design’ bicycle brand Sandwichbikes. Forboth brands, he will also focus on the business market.

Dick van de Steeg:

“I think it’s great to be able to work as a Sales & Marketing Manager at the Pedalfactory. I’ve been working here for several weeks now and have seen that the collaboration with all Pedalfactory partners is excellent. The people interact in an informal, personal manner and everyone’s primary focus is on providing quality.

“Moreover, I’m very motivated to help Brikbikes and Sandwichbikes get some upward momentum because their service is so highly regarded and the company and its employees have such a singular character. Their conscious choice for a different way of riding the bike (shaft drive or belt drive), materials (wood) and production focused on customization (all RAL colours and designs possible) is unique in this crowded market of bicycle suppliers. Fortunately, at Pedalfactory we are all facing the same direction!

Yno Papen, Founder of Pedalfactory, is very enthusiastic: “Due to Dick’s experience, large dose of enthusiasm en vast knowledge, I’m convinced that Dick is a real asset to Pedalfactory. We want to have more business partners who want more than merely selling bicycles, particularly concerning the Brikbikes brand. We’re characterized by our personal approach, collaboration, quality and a touch of individuality. By adding Dick to our team, we will grow even more, achieve results and have more opportunities to personally support all of our partners.

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About Pedalfactory
Pedalfactory is the developer, owner, and producer of the brands Brikbikes and Sandwichbikes. The Pedalfactory focuses on the design, creation, and sale of unique bicycles and bicycle-related products. We develop high-quality products made from durable materials and strive to improve our products by working withspecialists in the bicycle design and technology industry.

Pedalfactory is located at the Honig Complex in Nijmegen.

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Contact Dick van de Steeg at +31 (0)6 5715 8434 or dick@pedalfactory.nl.
Or Yno Papen at +31 (0)6 2087 2919 or yno@pedalfactory.nl.

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