Quality, style and ease

Who knows more about bicycles than the Dutch? Brikbikes bicycles are designed with the latest knowledge of cycling and materials. Designed and controlled in Holland the bicycles are nowadays built under our own supervision in our new production facility.

Endurable and high-quality

A bicycle is a mode of transportation and therefore needs to be sturdy and reliable before anything else. The dedication and top-notch components with which our bicycles are made, guarantee just that. And to make sure that every bicycle that leaves our factory is of outstanding quality, we test run each one after it’s assembled. We are confident our bicycles will give you a lifetime of cycling pleasure.

Designer bicycle

Of course there is nothing wrong with wanting an eye-catching bicycle as well. We have a bicycle model for all tastes: stylish, classic, sporty or edgy. And to make it totalling in tune with your tastes and needs, we custom make all our bicycles to the specifications of our customers. You can choose its colours, gears, brakes and any other accessories to make it truly your own.


Chains are the single most annoying thing about bicycles. That is why we design bicycles without one. Instead, our bicycles either have a shaft drive or a belt drive. That means an end to dirty trousers and fiddling with the chain. Simply put: low maintenance cycling.


Our aluminum and steel frames are powder-coated by hand. The wheels are spoked by hand and tuned by advanced machine robots so every spoke is on the right tension for good and comfortable wheels. And finally, all the other components are also assembled by hand.


At Brikbikes we believe that a good bicycle should be accompanied by good service. Need help ordering? No problem, just contact us and we will guide you through the process and answer any questions. We also ensure you receive a top-notch bicycle by delivering it directly to the dealer or your home or office. And if something does turn out to be wrong, we will get it fixed.