Brik Brut for men. A powerful, moderd, edgy, chailess bike.

Cruise through the city on this edgy, chainless bicycle

Powerful – Modern – Edgy

The Brik Brut is a powerful, chainless bicycle designed for confident city cyclists. Its frame is made of thick aluminium tubes giving it its tough and edgy look.

The Brik Brut frame is designed for a comfortable ride and daily use. All aluminium frame components are engineered to ensure a long lifetime and the optimal integration of the shaft drive. The frame is produced using the most modern cutting and welding techniques. The aluminium tubes are made from 70% or more recycled material. All frames are built in Europe and different frame heights are available. The shaft drive is part of the frame design and is very reliable and durable.

Low maintenance

You’ll never have to fiddle with the chain again. Why? Because it doesn’t have one! This bicycle has a high quality shaft drive. This is a closed system and therefore low maintenance . The chain will never fall off and you’ll never get grease on your clothes again.

Hand built on Customer order

You can choose from 16 standard colours and even a custom colour is possible. You can also select different gear options, tires, carriers, integrated lightning and also a leather saddle and grips are available. All Brikbikes are custom built at our own factory in Elst, The Netherlands. Our small and dedicated team is responsible for the complete process from order to delivery. With this assembly approach and attention to the customer wishes high quality standards and durability is guaranteed.

Personalize your Brik

Design your own bike! You can choose from a variety of colors, gears, brakes and other accessories to really make this bike your own. Are you satisfied with the model on this page? Then there are two more steps left:

  1. Model: Choose one of the two models: Brik Brut Men 3-speed or Brik Brut Men 8-speed
  2. Colour: Choose a colour for your Brik
  3. Upgrade: Replace parts or add accessories
The shaft drive of the Brik Brut for men. This is a closes system and therefore low maintenance.
The bicycle lock of the Brik Brut bike.
The Brik Brut bike for men. A chainless bike.


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