The Brik Brut – Tough – Solid – Smooth

Sturdy bike without a chain

The Brik Brut is a solid, sporty city bike available in men’s and women’s versions. With its tough aluminium frame and low maintenance shaft drive, it makes a real statement on the road and will last a lifetime. With 3 or 8 gears, coaster brake or roller brakes, this is the ideal bike for confident city cyclists. It gives an excellent, smooth riding experience and combines this with comfort and solidity.


No more chain problems. No dirty trousers. The Brik Brut is a chainless bike. This bike has a shaft drive and features high-quality components like custom-made wheels and parts selected specifically for the Brik Brut. A little annual maintenance is all it takes to ensure it will feel like new for years to come.

Choose your own version

The Brik Brut is suitable for everyone. The Brik Brut is available in a men’s and a women’s version. Customers can choose from 16 standard colours and it is even possible to select your own colour. To make the Brik Belt even more unique, a range of accessories and upgrades can be selected. This approach makes every Brik Brut unique.

High quality with an eye for detail

The Brik Brut is custom-made to customer specifications in our own factory in Elst, the Netherlands. Our specialised team is responsible for the complete process from order to delivery. With this approach and focus on the bike and the customer, high quality and durability is guaranteed. The Brik Brut looks powerful and tough. The lightweight aluminium frame ensures both a sleek design and sturdiness. This city bike rides smoothly and feels reliable in all situations.

Test ride

Do you want to experience for yourself how the cardan shaft cycles? We are happy to arrange a test drive for you.

Configure your own Brik Brut model: