Brik Belt Pendix Men

The Brik Belt for men is a sporty, comfortable bicycle.

Zip through city traffic on a sporty electric bicycle

Sporty – Sleek – LightChainless

Then Brik Belt Men Pendix is the bicycle for you. This beautifully sleek bicycle is inspired by the geometry of classic touring bikes. Its straight frame gives its sporty appearance, yet is built for maximum cycling pleasure.

It will help you carefully manoeuvre through city traffic day-after-day, for a lifetime. The Brik Belt is a chainless bike. Instead, it has an ultra strong belt that is low maintenance, clean, extremely robust and silent. A city bike for commuters as well as pleasure seekers.

Low maintenance

The Brik Belt is a chainless bike. It is equipped with a Gates belt drive. This belt drive is an excellent replacement for the chain because it is an ultra strong, low maintenance, clean, extremely robust and silent belt.

Pendix eDrive300

The Brik Belt Men Pendix comes complete with the Pendix eDrive300. Which has been developed with the technical skills and know-how of the automotive sector.

Clear examples of the attention to detail are the beautifully shaped rotary knob for setting the support level, and the LED ring for displaying the energy level.

Personalize your Brik

Design your own bike! You can choose from a variety of colors, gears, brakes and other accessories to really make this bike your own. Are you satisfied with the model on this page? Then there are two more steps left:

  1. Model: Choose one of the models: Brik Belt Pendix Men or Brik Belt Pendix Ladies
  2. Colour: Choose a colour for your Brik
  3. Upgrade: Replace parts or add accessories


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