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Brik Belt Pendix

The Brik Belt Pendix is the ideal E-bike for all occasions. Whether on the way to the office, in the city or on tours into the countryside, you and your Brikbike will get going, but you will certainly not sweat. The Brik Belt Pendix is delivered with the solid and strong Pendix eDrive. This motor is a durable mid-engine with hardly any noise. The Brik E-bike is combined with the very strong Gates CDX Beltdrive that is maintenance-free, clean, robust and quiet.

In combination with the Steel Belt frame the system looks sleek and gives you the flexibility and agility to ride with pleasure and ease.

The Pendix engine is barely 3 cm deep and has a diameter of less than 30 cm. All the smart technology is packed into this space and protected from external environmental impacts by the metal casing. The Brik Belt Pendix is built to order and can be combined with a 8 or 11 speed hub. The motor is maintenance-free. The Brik Belt Pendix also has two other advantages. Firstly, it is absolutely noiseless. On the other hand, you hardly feel any pedalling resistance when it is switched off. So you can decide for yourself when you need assistance and continue to use your bike as a bicycle.

With the Brik Belt Pendix you will experience a whole new driving experience. The Brik Belt Pendix is available with a battery, which is integrated to the frame. Charging is also easy. With just one movement of your hand, you release the battery from the holder on the Brik Belt frame. The battery is simply placed then on the included power station and is ready for use in no time at all.

Every Brikbike is built to customer order. The Brik Belt Pendix is based on the Brik Belt and the customer can decide for a ladies or a men frame, the desired color and a list of upgrades, like gears, lightning or a leader saddle.

You can control the Brik Belt Pendix with just one button. The system is very clean with only a few cables, no moving parts and no display.
The state of charge of your battery is shown by the color of the integrated lightning of the battery. At a glance you know what the state is and you even can dim this light very easily.

There are up to three modes for cycling available. The Eco, Smart and Sport support levels can be selected quickly and precisely using the rotary knob on the battery.

This allows you to find your personal support every time you ride.

How far can you bike with a Pendix eDrive300 battery?

Depending on your chosen level of support, the Brik Pendix allows you to cycle between 45 and 105 km (28 to 65 miles).

What is the maximum speed of the e-bike?

The Pendix eDrive 300 drive delivers 250 watts of power and a maximum torque of 50 Nm of support up to a speed of 25 km/h (15.5 miles/h) on the Brik Belt Pendix. You can ride faster by using muscle power.

How long can I rely on the Pendix eDrive300 battery?

With normal use, the Brik Belt Pendix with eDrive300 will last for years.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Fully charging the battery with the supplied 120 W charger takes 3 hours.

Can I recharge the battery by pedalling?

The Pendix eDrive 300 doesn’t charge by pedalling. However, the system is low-noise and maintenance-free. In addition, the system barely has perceptible pedalling resistance when the engine is switched off or the battery is flat.

What is the best way to service the battery for long-lasting performance?

The Pendix eDrive300 system is maintenance free. When the battery is charged normally, it will continue to function for many kilometres.

I live outside of Europe, will I still be able to charge this battery?

The battery charger requires that it’s used with the correct mains voltage and can, in principle, be used in most countries.


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