Brik Urban Edition

The Brik Urban is for today’s women who want to travel swiftly and comfortably through the city. Whether it is to go to work, an evening out or to bring your children to school. This is a sturdy bike with a luggage rack that you can take everything with you and a child’s seat or front basket is also easy to install. The bright blue colour in a matte finish gives this bike a sporty and trendy look. You’ll love riding this bike.

Brik Classic Edition

The Brik Classic is for men who just want a good old reliable bike. A sturdy bike with a luggage rack that can carry everything you need. But boringly old-fashioned it is certainly not! The special green paint and built-in dynamo lights give it a retro look that will definitely make you stand out. You can handle anything on this bike!

Brik Bullet

The Brik Bullet is a special version of the Brik Brut. With its sleek aluminum frame and maintenance-free drive shaft, the bike has excellent performance. The Bullet is equipped with a specially selected Argento Mat metallic powder coating, a black drive shaft and black parts.

Brik by Anna

The Brik by Anna is a special version of the Brik Sec. This is a stylish and practical bike made in collaboration with the Dutch clothing label Anna van Toor. Durability and quality are of paramount importance to both Anna van Toor and Brikbikes and therefore this bicycle has high-quality details in natural colours.