Vacancy: Intern Marketing & Sales Brikbikes

Location:Pedalfactory B.V. Industrieweg Oost 9C, 6662NE Elst
Remuneration:Monthly Internship allowance
Starting date:Immediately and for a the duration of 3 to 6 months

We are a company dedicated to the design, creation and sale of unique bicycles and bicycle-related products. Our philosophy is to develop high-quality products, use sustainable materials and collaborate with specialists in our network. Brikbikes and Sandwichbikes are 2 bicycle brands, designed and produced in-house.

Brikbikes is a quirky bike brand, where the bike models are characterised by the unique drive system with a shaftdrive or a belt drive. Brikbikes are designed to offer customers a high-quality bicycle with a unique design and excellent handling. Thanks to the unique maintenance-free shaftdrive or belt drive and the use of quality components, Brikbikes can last a lifetime. Each Brikbike is unique and personal, as our customer can choose from different colours, gears, brakes and accessories. The Brikbikes are then produced to customer specifications and also assembled in Elst. Each Brikbike is tested individually before being delivered to the Brikbikes dealer or directly to the customer. Personal contact and excellent service is the standard for Brikbikes.

Over the past period, all Brikbikes models have been updated and a commercial and multichannel strategy has been developed. In the coming period, Brikbikes wants to expand the existing network of dealers in Europe. There is also much more focus on marketing and selling the bikes directly to both consumers and companies. As part of the implementation of this commercial strategy, there is room within the Pedalfactory for the completion of a Marketing & Sales internship.

Brikbikes are unique. All Brik bicycles are painted and built in the Netherlands to customer specifications. Also, almost all parts are produced locally in Europe. With this approach, there are many opportunities for growth. Brikbikes are sold to our customers through multiple channels. On the one hand, there is an existing dealer network, which we intend to expand in the coming period, especially in Europe. On the other hand, we also present, promote and sell our products through other channels such as our own websites, partner websites and events. Within this multichannel approach, we want to develop and implement specific Marketing & Sales projects and activities for a number of areas.


As a Marketing & Sales intern, you will work on these projects together with the Brikbikes team. You will work out a commercial and marketing plan based on market analyses, practical results and target group determination, and also implement this. All aspects of the product, the positioning, the market and the proposition to the customer will be addressed.

You are part of the Pedalfactory – Brikbikes team. Together with your colleagues who take care of the back office, production, marketing and sales and product development, you will participate in all kinds of Marketing & Sales projects. You will give substance to strengthening dealer relations, expanding the network, marketing communication and the promotion and sales of Brikbikes. You will help improve, promote and optimise the information for sales, service and delivery of our bike products. You will also develop initiatives, which contribute to the activation of new customers as well as increasing loyalty among our existing customers.

Activities during your Internship period

During your internship period, you will contribute to projects to better organise and coordinate Brikbikes’ Marketing & Sales. Specifically, these could be independent projects such as:

  • Creating and executing a plan to increase awareness, contact, network locations and sales for Brikbikes in specific European countries
  • Creating and implementing a plan for the introduction of new Brikbikes models and also Brikbikes action models in the coming period
  • A project to improve the structure for all customer contact (from direct contact to Social Media) and convert this into sales
  • Coordinate, set up and execute a Marketing & Sales plan to support the dealer in getting more results from its local network.

At the start of the internship, a selection of one or two projects will be made.

If you are interested in an internship assignment, please contact Yno Papen

Industrieweg Oost 9C, 6662NE in Elst

Tel: +31 24 820 0998