This is the new e-Bike from Brikbikes

The Brik Belt Pendix is the new e-Bike from Brikbikes. Combined with the CrMo (Chromoly) light steel frame, the bike with the eDrive system looks sleek and both the frame and also the Pendix system are entirely developed and manufactured in Europe.

The new Brik Brut

A solid city bicycle with a shaft drive, using the best available components and an European produced aluminium frame. This is what bicycle company Brikbikes had in mind for the new Brik Brut.

Brikbikes at Velofollies 2023

During velofollies 2023 in Kortrijk Xpo Belgium, Brikbikes will present the all-new collection. The collection is built with European-made steel and aluminium frames.

The new Brik Belt

An European produced lightweight frame and custombuilt as a sporty but also comfortable urban commuter bicycle. This is what bicycle company Brikbikes had in mind for the new Brik Belt.

Introduction of the Brik Cruiser

A special bike with a unique look and produced as a limited edition. The Brik Cruiser is the result, one of a kind and available to order.

Foldable design helmets for more safety

The Closca foldable bicycle helmet is 50% smaller when folded and fits into any bag or backpack The Closca foldable bicycle helmet is a unique product with its own design. You can personalize the helmet to your own style by selecting the model, the color of the helmet and for the Closca Fuga even a […]

New E-Bike – Brik Belt Pendix

The Brik Belt Pendix is a new modern E-Bike in a unique design. The battery has a very nice and sleek design and can easily be attached and charged. The Brik Belt Pendix is available immediately! The Brik Belt Pendix comes standard with a Nexus 8 gear hub and Gates CDX Carbondrive. The bike can […]

“Bicycles can be made in a more sustainable way”

Roel Peerenboom has his own bicycle shop in the heart of Wageningen. A few years ago, he decided to no longer work within a franchise, but to follow his own vision. For him, sustainability and durability are key.   Why did you open a bicycle shop? “The shop itself? I guess you have to go […]

Bring back some colour

Spring is here again! The weather and nature is calling for you to come out. Despite the global lockdown it’s still possible in most countries to go out for some fresh air. And what better way to do that than on a bicycle? A bicycle in your favourite colour that makes you happy as Spring. […]