Where do you want to go?
A Brikbike will get you there.

A Brik is a little quirky

Our bikes are completely unique: from design and styling to sales, production and aftercare. We do everything slightly differently. You can see and feel that when you cycle on a Brik. For example, there’s no longer a nasty, dirty chain. And we’re sure you’ll be noticed on your bike.

A Brik is totally your own

From drive to saddle. Colour and accessories. Bells and tires. Really everything can be adjusted. This way, you get a personalized bike entirely tailored to your own wishes and taste. A bike like no other.

A Brik is sturdy and reliable

Whether you use your Brikbike to go to work every day or to transport your kids, a bike must be sturdy and reliable. The dedication and first-class components that make up our bikes guarantee that it is. We also test-ride every bicycle before we send it to you. This way, we can be sure that every Brik is of excellent quality. We’re convinced that our bikes will give you a lifetime of cycling pleasure.

A Brik comes with excellent service

A quality bicycle must be accompanied by good service. Do you need help making a selection? Just contact us and we’ll show you what’s possible and guide you through the ordering process. We’ll deliver your bike directly to the dealer, or to your home or office. And if there’s something wrong with your bike after purchase, we’ll solve it together.