The chainless bike

There is enough of the same. Brik bikes are designed to give customers a good, attractive, good-quality bike which can be built to the specifications of the customer. Discover these unique, tasteful and reliable bikes that can have a shaft or belt drive.

The bicycle with shaft drive
Wouter Eigenbrood, initiator of Brik, has always wondered why cars have a shaft drive while bicycles do not, considering a shaft drive is very reliable and maintenance-free. That is why he started designing a bicycle without a chain. The Brik Sec is the first model from this line and this attractive top-quality bike also means an end to dirty trousers and the hassle of fiddling with the chain.

Shaft drive
Characteristic of the Brik Sec, and the later designed Brik Brut, is the shaft drive: a shaft instead of a chain. This system is actually more than a century old, but is also ahead of its time. A shaft means durable and maintenance-free cycling. You will be able to change your rear tire easily whilst remaining clean. And you will never need to remember to lubricate, tighten or clean the chain. Because a shaft drive is very strong, you will receive a three-year warranty on the drive shaft. A simple but ingenious principle.

Belt Drive
In addition to the models with a shaft drive, the Brik Belt was designed. The Brik Belt comes with a belt drive. In recent years, the belt drive has become a very reliable and clean alternative to the well-known chain. The belt drive is similar to the shaft drive in that it is extremely strong, low maintenance as well as silent. The Brik Belt is therefore a light, fast and sporty city bicycle of high quality and unique drive.

Made in Holland
Besides the shaft or belt drive and its sleek appearance, another characteristic is that this is a purely Dutch bike. The design of Brik Brut, Brik Sec and Brik Belt is Dutch and it is constructed in the Netherlands. Nijland Cycling, located in the Dutch town Heeten, assembles every Brik by hand based completely on the wishes of the customer.

The Brik service
At Brik we believe that a good bike should be accompanied by good service. That is why Brik is delivered directly to the dealer, a customer’s home or office. And if something does turn out to be wrong with your bicycle, we will simply fix it. Because what can be better than hassle free biking?

Pure dutch
What a Brikbike characterizes besides the looks and drive shaft is the fact that it is a pure dutch product. Designed in Holland and built in Holland. Nijland Cycling assembles every Brik by hand and completely in line of the clients wishes.