The Brut is a powerful, chainless bicycle designed for confident city cyclists. The Brut is a truly Dutch product. The Brut is totally our own design and is built with dedicated craftsmanship, using top-notch Dutch components. The Brik Brut is a sporty city bicycle. With its slim frame and maintenance-free shaft drive, it makes a real statement on the road.

The frame of this bike is made of thick aluminium tubes giving it a tough and edgy look. Or as designer of the Brut, Wouter Eigenbrood, puts it: “The Brik is a city cruiser”. The Brik Brut is available in a men’s and women’s model. To make each truly unique, customers can choose from a variety of colours, gears, brakes and accessories.


Brik Brut Men


You can choose additional accessories after the product is added to the shopping cart.


Our bikes are available in 10 colors: Army-green (matt), Black (matt), Cornflower blue (glossy), Light-grey (matt), Quartz grey (matt), Slate grey (matt), Taupe (matt), White-green (glossy) Wine-red (matt) & Ocean-blue (matt). Other colors are available for a small surcharge.

Drive shaft

Our BRIK bikes are suited with a drive shaft, an ax in stead of a chain. This system is proven for already more than a century but still his time ahead. A drive shaft means sustainability and free of maintenance. Changing your back tire is a clean and simple job for example. Lubricating and cleaning chains? It is history with the drive shaft! Because it is such a strong system we give you 3 years of warranty on the drive shaft standard.

Gears & Brakes

For every type of environment we have Brikbikes. From 2-speed up to 8-speed. Thereby you can choose between rollerbrakes and coasterbrake.

  • 2s SRAM Automatic with coasterbrake
  • 2s SRAM Automatic with rollerbrakes
  • 3s Shimano Nexus with coasterbrake
  • 3s Shimano Nexus with rollerbrakes
  • 7s Shimano Nexus with coasterbrake
  • 7s Shimano Nexus with rollerbrakes
  • 8s Shimano Nexus with coasterbrake
  • 8s Shimano Premium with rollerbrakes


The straight steer is standard equipped on this lovely bike.


Because we think lighting is a personal taste and wish, we did not provide the Sec with a standard lighting. Though, we think we did found some good quality lights. You can choose for the Knog Strobe Lighting system. Or try a hub-dynamo, the choice is yours.


This bike is delivered included a AXA Solid Lock. If you want, you can add an extra (cable/mortise) lock to your cart.


Framesize Men 59cm
Frame High-grade aluminum
Drive shaft color Orange (black available as option)
Wheels and spokes Ryde Big Bull ‘Heavy duty’ wheels with Sapim 13G spokes
Tires Schwalbe Road Cruiser 28 x 1.60 (42-622)
Steer Straight, Ergotec Moon
Saddle Velo plush Brik Comfort
Standard Ursus King standard
Weight 2&3-speed 18kg, 7&8-speed 19kg
Lock AXA Solid Lock